Dear Indian Voter, why are you still voting for Criminals?

Dear Indian Voter, You have spent the last 3 years expressing your frustration with the Indian political system. You protested in the streets, went on hunger strikes and ranted on social media. You said you were fed up with corruption and the quality of parliamentarians. This time around, you are supposed Read more [...]
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Keeping Religious Stupidity in Check – Section 377 and beyond

There has to be something seriously wrong when leaders from every major religion in India come together and agree on something. This is precisely what happened with Section 377 in December. Championed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and supported by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Utkal Christian Read more [...]
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State Scan 2014 – Dying Children and Economic Prosperity

This year is beginning with multiple new state governments all promising better 'governance'. This post attempts to analyze a couple of key criteria which can be viewed as outcomes of good governance.  Here are the two criteria: 1) State GDP per capita - The market value of all officially recognized Read more [...]
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Why should we accept ‘criminal’ Kejriwal?

Over the last two years, Arvind Kejriwal has been on a crusade to bring about societal reforms. Throughout this period, Kejriwal has consistently expressed his disdain towards parliamentarians who have pending criminal cases against them. On many occasions in the recent past, Kejriwal and his coterie Read more [...]
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Best Approaches to stopping Honest Bureaucrats: A definitive guide from Uttar Pradesh

Theft, dacoity and murder form the backbone of Uttar Pradesh’s economy. Unfortunately, from time to time certain individuals come along and try to challenge this status-quo. Earlier this year, Durga Shakti Nagpal, provided the UP establishment with a stiff challenge. This 28 year old had the audacity Read more [...]
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A Baby born in Bangladesh is more likely to survive than one born in India!

The reputation of Bangladesh is not the strongest in India. Despite our own issues, most Indians associate Bangladesh with various negative images ranging from extreme poverty and a never ending stream of refugees to a test cricket team that is a joke. There is no question that by most economic parameters, Read more [...]
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3 Government Projects to be proud of

Most media stories about politics and governance in the country these days come with predictions of doom and gloom. However, across the country, there are many politicians and bureaucrats who are diligently working towards improvement of public services. This year, three Indian projects received U.N. Read more [...]
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BJP vs Congress – Distribution of tickets to Muslims

The BJP compromises on needs of the Indian Muslim in order to come to power. The Congress is looking to appease minorities at any cost as long as it stays in power. Such statements have become common occurrences specially after the elevation of the status of Narendra Modi within the BJP. Almost any debate Read more [...]
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India’s Politicians Unite Against Transparency!

This month saw the passing of a judgement by India's Central Information Commission (CIC), that classifies nationally recognized political parties as 'public authorities'. What does this mean? This means is that common citizens can now file RTI applications to political parties to obtain information. Read more [...]
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Who is India Searching for on Google ?

The country is going through a phase where the internet is fast becoming an integral part of political discourse. Here's a comparative analysis of some of the politicians whom we have searched for on Google over the last one year.  'Google Search Trends' allows anyone to analyze search terms entered Read more [...]
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