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At Wah Sarkar no chance is wasted to ridicule and mock our government for their inadequacies. However we would be overjoyed if some of our work could help increase awareness about relevant issues.  There are many resources available on the internet to help make our entire democratic setup more participatory. We have listed a few of these here:

1. Election Commission of India – ECI has a fairly detailed website which covers           rules, notices and  statistics pertinent to elections in India. They also have links to the           portals of State Chief Electoral Officers. Explore the portal and you will definitely find           something interesting.

2. Jaago Re – In case you have not managed to get on the voting list of your                             constituency, this is a good place to start. The website provides an interesting interface       to get you on your way. In case you need more convincing, watch some of the celebrity         videos uploaded here.

3. MyNeta – Every candidate who contests elections in India submits background              details on an affidavit. These details include financial assets, educational background            and criminal records. Visit this site to find out anything from whether your MLA is a            murderer to the number  of cows owned by your favorite candidate.

4. PRS – For those of you interested in understanding the various bills that float around in      our parliament, visit this website. There is a simplified version of most bills available            here. There are also features to gain information regarding the performance of                      parliamentarians.

5.India Against Corruption – Anna Hazare’s organization. While we feel that IAC has majorly added to the hot-air and rhetoric flowing in the political environment, there is no denying that the organization has managed to create unprecedented awareness about certain issues. All that seems to have resulted from IAC is another political party!

6. News Laundry – This website is run by a bunch of journalists looking to present unbiased coverage of various issues without the influence of political parties or corporate houses. While some of the articles/interviews are self-indulgent, there is plenty of content that is extremely interesting especially some of the video interviews. NL also makes an effort to act as a watchdog for journalism in India.

7. PARI – The People’s Rural Archive of India. The other India. The one where decisions by the government don’t show up on Facebook discussions with emojis but instead fundamentally define the lives led by millions of Indians. PARI is an archive full of video/photo/audio stories. The website focuses on documenting the true diversity across the country.

8. Satish Acharya Cartoons – India’s best political cartoonist. He’s probably the current generation’s RK Laxman (though very different in style). In our times, where we have very limited attention spans, Acahrya’s cartoons consistently deliver news with nuances that are best captured graphically.  Sometimes one cartoon conveys what a thousand words could not.

Disclaimer: Wah Sarkar has no affiliation or connection to any organization mentioned on this page.

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10 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I’m surprised you have IAC out here, given that IAC has simply no clue about the causes of corruption, and its leaders SHUN the most vital exercise in citizenship – contesting elections. Even if they contest elections, they seem to be socialists and will further ruin India.

    Instead, I’d suggest you provide a link to the not-for-profit Trust, Freedom Team of India ( which is working to find HIGH QUALITY leaders of impeccable integrity who will step forward and lead India when the country so wants. Your readers should be encouraged not just to point fingers at others but to DIRECTLY LEAD. 

  2.   There is no democracy in India but parliamentary  dictatorship and
    assembly dictatorship.India is for the politicians.These politicians are
    so empowered that they can be corrupted, autocratic and oppressive!

  3. What’s IAC doing here? This can not and should not be highlighted as a movement but mission 2014 for a political outfit.

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