Wah Sarkar is a satirical take on political parties and parliamentarians in India that aims to look at key issues plaguing Indian democracy. The blog is very principled about cribbing about absolutely everything & anything related to the political system of the country.

All posts on Wah Sarkar have sources mentioned either inline or at the bottom.

Wah Sarkar is in no way connected or linked to any political party/organization. The views expressed are completely independent.

Any post on this blog is not aimed at personally attacking any individual or organization. Individuals/parties/organizations discussed on WahSarkar are in the public domain as representatives or public-servants by their own free will.

For any further information, please contact Rohit S. on the email address – [email protected].

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  1. i feel overwhelmed to see ppl like u doing this good work.. aapko jannat nasib hogi.. keep doing this excellent work.. god bless u..

  2. 1. veryGood effort, with the crying Social Cause = to make the Citizenry pro-Active in Nation-Building through participative-Governance (hence NEED to know Political Climate & Pulse of the Nation ! 
    2. please co-LINK with SITES / Pages with SIMILAR INTENT & EFFORTs ! (as in  WAR-footing ).

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