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Tales of corruption and incompetence

Why are we passing bills to make corruption easier for political parties?

Lack of financial transparency in the political system has always been one of our key challenges as a democracy. Recently, the government passed a bill in the Lok Sabha that will potentially lead to an increase in anonymous corporate donations to political parties as well as remove previous limits on how much corporations can donate to political parties. Here's a look at some of the key factors in play.Status Quo Currently, political parties Read more [...]

Women’s Empowerment in Indian Politics is here to stay !

We heard them loud and clear last year as they screamed hoarse about the need for empowering women in India. In the lead up to Lok Sabha 2014, all political parties told us how they plan to tackle gender equality. And boy did they perform, when it came to taking action during the elections, i.e. giving tickets to women. Overall, only (8%) of candidates in Lok Sabha 2014 were women and currently just 11% of the parliament is female. Among the major Read more [...]

Lok Sabha Electoral Malpractice Awards for States 2014

The recent Lok Sabha elections were historic in many ways from record voter turnouts to landslide victories. Equally enthralling was the battle to see which states come out on top in terms of committing most electoral malpractice. As per the Compendium of Instructions on Election Expenditure Monitoring published by the Election Commission in January 2014, we have created six award categories: 1)      खुले आम रिश्वत Read more [...]

Aam Aadmi to the rescue, or maybe not

It's the season of political rhetoric. Indian politics, is known for candidates making tall claims and promises during campaigning followed by non-action. The Congress and BJP have mastered this and much of the electorate, for justified reasons, has given up on these two parties following through on any of their promises. But this time we have Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party. An alternative view of politics. A party of the common man - the Read more [...]

Keeping Religious Stupidity in Check – Section 377 and beyond

There has to be something seriously wrong when leaders from every major religion in India come together and agree on something. This is precisely what happened with Section 377 in December. Championed by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and supported by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Utkal Christian Council and Apostolic Churches Alliance, some of India’s most prominent religious bodies decided to launch into a battle against sexual pleasure. Read more [...]

Best Approaches to stopping Honest Bureaucrats: A definitive guide from Uttar Pradesh

Theft, dacoity and murder form the backbone of Uttar Pradesh’s economy. Unfortunately, from time to time certain individuals come along and try to challenge this status-quo. Earlier this year, Durga Shakti Nagpal, provided the UP establishment with a stiff challenge. This 28 year old had the audacity to take on the state’s sand mafia. She tried, but was eventually no match for the guile and deviousness of the state government.The illegal Read more [...]

India’s Politicians Unite Against Transparency!

This month saw the passing of a judgement by India's Central Information Commission (CIC), that classifies nationally recognized political parties as 'public authorities'.What does this mean? This means is that common citizens can now file RTI applications to political parties to obtain information. For instance, a citizen could inquire about internal elections in a  party or about financial sources/expenditures of a party. The judgement is Read more [...]

Thank you for arresting those Facebook ‘liking’ girls

We are blessed to live in a nation where a quick thinking police force is ever-present to check heinous Facebook statuses that could cause widespread death and destruction. Maharashtra was on the verge of being ravaged by communal riots but for speedy action by the police. Shaheen Dhada from Palghar, had the audacity to put up a status message on Facebook that compared the demise of a political leader to that of a common man. Even more shocking was Read more [...]

The Impotent Rapist

"My husband is a patient of sugar and blood pressure for the last 18 years and his left kidney is also not working. With existing physical condition he cannot rape and being his wife I can say this with certainty.” This is what Asha, the wife of BSP MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi told the media in January this year.Naresh Dwivedi - Too Impotent to Rape In November 2010, Neelu (name given by media) was abducted and allegedly sold in a village Read more [...]

Mumbai’s Maladies – What ails the Police Force?

  Mumbai's security & police force are maligned after every dastardly terror attack that the city faces. But is the police force truly as wretched as it is made out to be? Here we look at some of the issues faced by the police force.1. Missing Policemen Mumbai's population exceeds 1.2 crores. It goes without saying that a fairly large police contingent is needed for such a large population. Often, estimates pertaining to the size of Read more [...]

Kaun Banega Cr000,000,000,000repati!

Are you fit to survive in today's world of scams & corruption? To help you explore the depths of your knowledge we bring to you a quiz called SCAMMED. Here you can gauge your awareness levels about various scams that have been unearthed over the last few years. We assure you that you will come across some mind boggling facts & figures during the course of the quiz. Click on START below to begin. In case you do not wish to take the entire Read more [...]

Saare Jaha se accha, Gandhistan humara

  Watching the ‘’DLF’’ IPL has exposed us to ‘’Citi” moments of success and “Maxx” timeouts. However such style of branding has been on in the country for many decades. The Nehru-Gandhi name has been prefixed before countless government schemes and projects. Here we look at a supremely effective method of political branding by the Indian National Congress. A method which has succeeded in using the face of the country as an Read more [...]

The Forgotten Wikileaks

 Most of the Wikileaks released by The Hindu focussed on Swiss Bank accounts and the Confidence Motion. However there was a very interesting leak* highlighting the latest innovations by Indian netas in bribing voters. Wah Sarkar presents to you 3 of our MPs along with their state of the art bribing techniques.1. The Newspaper BriberM.K.Azhagiri (DMK) -  MP from Madurai, Tamil Nadu ;  Total Assets: 19 crores+ ;Union Minister for Chemicals Read more [...]

Chor Machaye Shor – A toast to Democracy

  We are currently in the midst of a spate of assembly elections. Wah Sarkar looks at a true incident which occurred a few years ago in Tamil Nadu. This is an amazing story which highlights the grit and will power of India's common man.Article may take a few seconds to load.......* Name of place changed  Read more [...]